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Is it ever too late to start Emotion Coaching?

No matter how old your child - preschool, middle childhood, or adolescence - it’s never too late.  Often what’s happening when kids misbehave is that they don’t have a positive way to ‘shine’ for you at any age.  Children want your affection and respect; you are extremely important to them, whether they admit it or not.  In families where kids act out, there often isn’t enough fun time together, not enough affection, attention, playfulness, adventure or excitement.  Using the Emotion Coaching tools can make a big difference.  It all comes down to the way you connect with your kids, the way you listen and communicate.

Does Emotion Coaching work on teenagers?

Whether your parenting focus is with toddlers, tweens, or teens (or maybe you have children in each stage), the goal is to engage and connect at your child’s current level and never give up.  Your child will always need you, even if they don’t express their need for you at the moment.

Are there side benefits to Emotion Coaching?

Once you set the Emotion Coaching foundation in place, parenting may be a little easier for you.  And, it turns out that Emotion Coaching is also effective for parents to use in their relationship between each other.

How do you know this stuff works?

Dr. John Gottman studied families for over two decades to learn which kids were developing successfully and which were not. He measured how well the children performed in school, observed how well they related to their peers, and interviewed them to see how appropriately they behaved socially, and how they related to their parents. After years of research, his team kept finding the same results: children who were Emotion Coached were more successful as adults on measures like peer friendships, gainful employment, and academic performance than were children parented in other ways.

Can I watch The Emotion Coaching Video Program on my mobile device?

Yes, you can watch the program on your mobile device. Please note that the interface is more compact than the full monitor of your computer, but you can log in and watch the videos on your mobile device.

Can I share my Emotion Coaching Video Program login with other people, i.e. with my spouse or with my friends?

You are encouraged to repeatedly watch this presentation and to share your log in information with your spouse or significant other.

However, sharing log in information with other people such as friends is not allowed. Accounts that have been shared among too many IP addresses and devices may be subject to deactivation for violation of the Terms of Use Agreement on our purchase page.

Can I view the online series outside of the USA?

Yes, the online series is designed to be viewable anywhere in the world.  If you experience slow streaming speeds, this generally indicates a slow or interrupted Internet connection.  Before you contact us, please troubleshoot network connection issues on your end by trying the steps below:

If you are on a work, school, public WiFi, cellular or satellite network, check with your network administrator or Internet Service Provider to make sure streaming services are supported, or try another network. If streaming services are supported, your router instruction manual, network administrator, or service provider are the best resources for troubleshooting network issues.  You may also try powering off your computer and unplugging your router and modem for 20-30 seconds.  Then plug in your modem and let it fully power up.  Once it indicates a connection to your ISP, plug in your router and let it fully power up, then turn on your computer.  Improving your wireless signal strength by moving the router closer to your computer is another option to try.

If I am a mental health professional, can I share my log in information with my clients or colleagues for them to watch?

Sharing log in information with clients and colleagues is not allowed. If you have purchased an account with us, you may however watch the videos with your clients when you are in a therapy session with them. You may also show your colleagues the videos when you are with them so that they can see for themselves if they would like to purchase our series to use with their clients.

Is this program totally online or can I order physical DVDs and materials?

For those who don’t want to watch online there is a DVD/handbook set of the Emotion Coaching Program we can mail to you.  You can purchase a copy here.

What is the total price of the Emotion Coaching Video Program?

The online streaming video version of the program is $89, with tax added only for Washington State residents.  Your purchase entitles you to lifetime access of the material online.

If you purchase the DVD/manual version of the program, it's $99 plus shipping/handling.  You can buy a copy in The Gottman Institute store here.